Outstanding Design, great reliability

Our Galbiati Lab, 100% Italian

Department of “research and development”, created SCOUT, a Premium Class dental unit, entirely designed in Italy, with a great sense of ergonomics and performances.
The ORTHO DENTAL UNIT SCOUT is designed by GALBIATI MILANO as fuctional and ergonomic solution for orthodontics. This solution allowes dentist to feel free from any obstacles.


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  • Type of unit: dental chair with lift system, backrest, motors for chair movements, foot control
  • Supply Voltage: 100 v ac (US) 230 v ac (EU)
  • Rated frequency: 50hz/60 hz
  • Max power: 650 va
  • Atmospheric pressure: 70 kpa a 106 kpa
  • Input water pressure: 0,6 mpa
  • Water hardness: 8,4 dh to 12dh


  • Operating regulation of instruments speed and power
  • Reverse of micromotors operating speed
  • Adjustment of micro motor speed limit (0-100%)
  • Instrument disinfection tubes switch on/off
  • Integrated safe system (chair blocked  while the instruments are working )
  • 4 chair memories
  • Instruments cooling switch on/off
  • Water supply system with 2 bottles (disinfection and distilled water)