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According to the “made in Italy” definition, GALBIATI is developing an innate sensibility for beauty and accuracy. A definite idea of “Italian production”, which, therefore, becomes an expression of refinement and quality. That’s why, to buy a GALBIATI PRODUCT is equivalent to the modern logic of consumption and it is SUCCESSFUL: participate in a part of that authentic “Italian style” that has penetrated deeply into the mindset of end-consumers

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What we do
Galbiati LAB “R&D”

We believe that innovation is the way to go. But we must go further, always look for new solutions. That is why we work every day to develop innovative technologies through our RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT LABORATORY.

Dental instruments design

Our goal is to create stable, reliable and durable products for dentists. Of course, with great ITALIAN design. All our products are designed to be ergonomic, easy to use and with very efficient philosophy.

Dental clinics design

Our Team, in synergy with the best architects present in the ITALIAN market, will provide any kind of solution from small to big dental clinic realizations, from the technical project to the aesthetic design.


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